A novel full of intrigue, mystery and suspense with a shocking twist

Jasmine is shocked to discover that she has inherited money and a property in the countryside from a woman proclaiming to be her birth mother. Traveling to the country cottage to try to uncover the mystery, Jasmine discovers documents, possibly written by the woman, Anna, which seem to be autobiographical.  However, the documents are not in chronological order and are very confusing.

Her handsome, seemingly wealthy new neighbour offers to help her sort out the documents.  However, his curiosity about Anna’s life seems a little obsessive.  Does he have an ulterior motive for offering his help?

Jasmine is taken back and forth, both historically and geographically, through Anna’s voice, into a world seemingly shrouded in strange, disconnected anecdotes.  Will she ever find all the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle?

As she tries to piece together Anna’s life, Jasmine discovers more about her own and what is really important to her.

A shocking revelation will change Jasmine’s life forever


When I wrote and self-published my first book ‘From Trafalgar to Tahrir’ I felt a deal of satisfaction. ‘Everyone has a book in them’, they say. So I wrote one. And that was it, I had done what I set out to achieve.

Some months later, my younger son, Teymour, in a phone call from London to Cairo, asked me why I had stopped writing. My answer was that I didn’t feel the need to carry on because I had written ‘the book that was in me’, and that in any case I couldn’t think of anything to write about. At this point, he set me a task – or a challenge, if you will. He told me to imagine that I was being held hostage somewhere and to write about it. I did as I was told and it appears in Chapter 3, almost in its original version. I liked what I had written, and a book began to form itself in my mind. Two years later, I finished it but neither my son nor I liked the ending, which sort of fizzled out. After a hiatus of four years, I found the twist that I wanted. It came to me at three in the morning and I had no choice but to get out of bed and write it.